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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 11/14/2000 Run time: 118 minutes Rating: R

Frequently given short shrift as a blue movie (which it is) and as mindless (which it isn't), director Adrian Lyne's follow-up to Flashdance (insert own joke here) is a thoughtful, smutty film about a bad sexual relationship. It follows the two-month affair between Elizabeth, an art-gallery dealer, and John, a Wall Street exec. The relationship spirals downward into raunchier sex (filmed, by the way, quite nicely) but principally is about two adults doing adult things but not acting anything like real adults. Attempts at actual human connection, about the longing to be "good," are present here and make this an above-average erotic film. Rourke is just honing his scumbag, bad-boy persona; but it doesn't overwhelm. Lots and lots of Kim Basinger. --Keith Simanton

Customer Reviews:

  • Pretty junky
    Mickey Rourke and Kim Bassinger are caught in the spider's web of a sado-masochistic affair. There isn't very much going on in the movie except a string of highly charged and seamy sex scenes. On the whole, the movie adds up to a big zero....more info
  • 9 1/2 Weeks
    The movie touches me each time I see it. Kim Basinger is at the top of her game, irresistible; Mickey Rourke is mesmerizing. Nothing is left to chance in 9 ? Weeks. The photography is remarkable. Everything is close and simple. It is a very intimate movie in the way it was shot, with a story in which each of us should find a familiar sense of the questions we have about love and sex, passion and fantasies, true love and cruel love.
    A beautiful forever modern movie.
    ...more info
  • Great movie - powerful movie!
    This is the story of Elizabeth McGraw, a successful but lonely art gallery assistant, who meets a darkly mysterious man who seems to be ready to unlock her inner wildness. Together they set out on a 9 & 1/2 week affair in which they push every boundary, and leave no experience untried. However, McGraw comes to realize that there is something missing, something beyond the physical.

    This is a great movie. Kim Basinger brings a depth of personality to the role of Elizabeth McGraw, making me think that this is actually her finest performance. Mickey Rourke does a great job as well, giving John Grey that great combination of passion and distance. The story is compelling and absolutely fascinating as you watch the couple's relationship spring up and then unravel. Also, the soundtrack is great, a really inspired selection of tunes.

    True, it is not a romance movie in the normal sense. But it is a true and powerful look at a sort of sexual relationship - erotica colliding with real world people.

    Great movie - powerful movie! Ignore the naysayers and checkout 9 1/2 Weeks!

    (Review of 9 1/2 Weeks starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke)...more info
  • I grew up but the movie didn't!
    The most shocking thing about "9 1/2 Weeks" is that it was actually made by adults! When this came out in '86, I was 18 and I LOVED it, but NOT for the reasons you might think. I was a sucker for visual style at the time, even over content (Miami Vice, etc.), and I saw it many times in the theater. Having not seen it for about ten years I thought it would be fun to re-visit. What I found was a deeply dated film on the verge of self-parody. Certain episodes in their "obsessive" courtship are sitcom-ready but it's the characters themselves that just don't ring true. Kim Basinger, as Elizabeth is just kind of thick-headed. She's best in the final scenes but, prior to that, she's frustratingly naive and I don't buy her as an art dealer for a second! Mickey Rourke is equally annoying; answering most lines with his trademark smirk. Who would really put up with that?! What's interesting is how great he is when he's given a moment to improvise (as with the kids on the boardwalk) but then he's out of character. I like Mickey Rourke, and before Michael Madsen made a career out of stealing his whole shtick (right down to the mannerisms and delivery) he was truly unique (his cameo in "The Pledge" with Jack Nicholson is heart-breaking!), but he's not given enough room here.

    Another problem is the music. This movie would be 50% better without ANY music, not just the pop songs but the whole sappy score as well. There's a nice Al Green intro at the beginning of the titles and Stewart Copeland, of The Police, wrote a cool instrumental for some Wall Street exteriors, but everything else should go! Of course, coming off of "Flash Dance", (the movie pretty much responsible for pop song soundtracks), I guess it's not a surprise, but the top 40 pop hurts this supposedly edgy, adult drama.

    What does work is the brilliant casting of every other character in the film. From the sales woman in the department store (an AMAZING performance!) to all of Elizabeth's art world friends. Visually the film holds up alright but not as flawlessly as other, more imaginitive, visual films of it's day like "Blade Runner". It's a nice picture-portrait of New York at the time, though.

    The truth is that the mid-80's were full of fluffy dramas and this one had the promise of going beyond that but, in the end, the director, or the movie company, totally betrayed its potential which is really too bad. As it sits, it's an achingly self-conscious and timid set of music videos. ...more info
  • Craftful Cinematography....a fine work.
    If you've gotten this far in the reviews, you'll notice that either people love this film or hate it. It's pretty much right down the middle, which in a way, is a reflection of American societal attitude towards it's own sexuality.

    If your own sexual world isn't aware there's something other than the missionary position, chances are you'll see this as a vulgar, disgusting film. The world that John draws Elizabeth into is a very psychologically complicated and sophisticated one. If you can't identify with lifestyles like that, you can't understand how or why they exist.

    Personally, I found this film a masterpiece, not so much from the story line, but the mechanics of it. The cinematography is nothing short of breathtaking. Subject matter debates aside, this is a beautifully photographed film. Camera angles, lens choices, it's obvious the director worked very closely with the cinematographer in capturing on film exactly the image he had in his head. I can't say enough about the beauty of this film.

    I thought both of the principals turned in exceptional performances, even though I view Rourke as a below-average actor. This film is easily his best, which actually could be said of Basinger as well. The Casting Dept. did a good job on this one.

    Bar none, Basinger's strip tease (done with very little nudity) goes on my "All-Time Best Scenes List". The music choice, Joe Cocker's "You Can Leave Your Hat On" was a stroke of genius!

    Alas, years after it's debut it's the subject matter that is remembered, and I find it still holds up. I'd suggest this film highly. Careful though, you may get more than you bargain for if you make it a "first date" flick to watch!...more info

  • dvd
    Second posting received very shortly after first went missing! Very assuring that Amazon attended to....more info
  • It's not about sex--it's about sensuality.
    Most of the reviews here are by people who were evidently expecting a soft-porn sex movie, and their disappointment tells more about them than the movie. They miss the point by focusing only on the BDSM in the relationship between Elizabeth (Kim Basinger) and John (Mickey Rourke). There is a serious, well-told story here that people apparently obsessed with sex seem to miss.

    The movie actually has three narrative perspectives that run concurrently through the film: the evolving relationship between Elizabeth and John; the evolving relationship between Elizabeth and the reclusive artist Farnsworth; and Elizabeth's interactions in NY art circles through her work at a gallery. In the first, John, who wears nothing but black suits and white shirts and lives in a colorless and impersonal apartment, is shown to be able to feel nothing except through extreme forms of sexual expression. In the second, Elizabeth gradually comprehends the mystical revelry of pure sensation--Farnsworth examining the fish he has caught--that also comes through in his painting. The last--Elizabeth's art world--is the intersection of the two, between the art of pure sensation and the artifice of society and its conventions. In the film, Elizabeth grows in all three narrative worlds and in the end achieves a kind of liberation of self, demonstrated by simply leaving John.

    The film's photography is gorgeous, using darkness and rays of light to set the shifting contexts of sensuality and sensation throughout. Rourke and Basinger are both superb in their roles--John who is painfully frozen in his incapacity to feel, and Elizabeth who grows visibly in self awareness over the course of the film.

    This is a spellbinding, provocative and deeply humanistic movie about how we sense the world. It bears repeated watching.
    ...more info
  • they did it
    The movie is perfect chemistry, filming, and storyline. Dark and erotic without being depressing. You can come back to after a few years and find something new or notice a different scene. ...more info
  • Smoking Hot!
    I had always heard about this movie, but had never seen it until recently.
    All I can say is Wow! Erotic, passionate, thrilling, sexy. It did not dissapoint my husband and I. I recommend it for adult couples who want to be teased and intrigued. Mickey Rourke is both sexy and scary and fascinating. You do not know what his intentions are, whether he is going to hurt Kim, or Kill her or just make love to her! And Kim Basinger is so adorable, vulnerable, sexy and amazing.
    The refrigerator scene is my favorite. I dont recommend you watch this with children under the age of 18. Its too STEAMY!
    I recommend Adults add this one to their DVD collection and watch the sparks fly!...more info
  • A Strip Show...Stripped of Its Eroticism
    Clearly anyone who read the novel of NINE AND A HALF WEEKS will not enjoy the film version. The casting of Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke would get one's hopes up...but the writing and direction completely undermines them.

    This is not a story that should play like a 1980s MTV video.


    But it does. The filmmakers took a dark, erotic story where a woman is temporarily liberated by her sexuality just before she's degraded and enslaved to the breaking point and instead made a sleek, empty love story, devoid of characters and their power plays.

    I blame this film for the career of Zalman King or whatever his name was and all the terrible "erotic films" where the sex scenes are filmed with blinding, flashing lights, blaring, obnoxious saxophones, and spastic, jerky editing.

    Check out SECRETARY with Maggie Gylenhaal and James Spader, a straight forward film about sexual power plays and kinkiness without the ridiculous light shows and blasting music.

    Maybe someone will someday remake NINE AND A HALF WEEKS and just film the story. ...more info
  • Excellent DVD
    Luved the movie from the moment I saw it. Mickey Rourke and Kim Bassinger are excellent together. This movie is a gem....more info
  • genius subtext. . . a brave american film. . .
    This is one of my favorite films of all time. Kim Basinger is poignant and astounding. Her wounded eyes that belie the sexual obsession is such an affective contrast.Her performance is impeccable.

    The plot is disturbing and yet common. I was turned on, infuriated, and -worst of all- familiar with the subject matter. Notice the subtle things that change as Elizabeth falls deeper into this sadistic union. (the darkening clothing and make-up for instance)

    This nothing short of an American classic and one of the only films I want to own.

    I also recommend the novel of the same name!!!!...more info

  • Fabulous
    I am a big Micky Rourke fan any way. This movie just does something for me. It isn't for everyone. If sexual content movies bother you, this movie definitely is not for you....more info
  • Strawberry Fields (and Mickey Rourke) Forever...!

    For the longest time, I've steered clear from this movie because I once overheard my mother say to her friend,
    "Oh my God, I had to walk out in the middle of this filthy movie because it had no respect for food..."

    That was sometime in 1987.

    A few years ago, I thought I'd be rebellious and watch the movie anyway.

    Hell, my mom didn't have to know.
    Plus I was definately old enough...

    On the contrary to my initially biased impression, this movie, for some reason wasn't as blatantly "filthy" to me as how my mother described. Rather, it was an interesting story about a woman captivated in a torturous love affair that was ever so consuming - and how she managed to free herself from an addiction to a numb lover who was equivalent to a cruel child.

    In other words, I really liked it. :)
    And for the record - I still have no problems eating strawberries.
    Then again, who with 20/20 vision can say "No" to pre-surgery Mickey Rourke??

    ...more info
  • Looking for Mickey Rourke
    I was 14 when I saw this for the first time (1986). I knew of both the actors, Mickey Rourke from Rumble Fish and Kim Basinger from Never Say Never Again but I saw the movie because I'd read that John Taylor from Duran Duran had written a song specifically for the soundtrack and I loved him. Mickey Rourke woke me from my childhood crush and caused a lot of problems for me as I went search for my own private Rourke. The soundtrack carries the film, as does the cruelness of Mickey Rourke's character and game playing. ...more info
  • legendary film
    I first saw this movie in 1989 and liked it. I could not belive how different it was from the book. Both versions of the story are good. ...more info
  • about the film/movie 91/2 weeks.................
    Let me explain in shoirt about this review is that the story is basically about a woman knowing a man and then have sexual relationship and finally the story end with.....not going to say too much if not will not be interesting. There are numerous scenes of sexual content and is recommended to those whom are interested in this genre of film/movie.

    Review by:

    Dr, Prof (PhD)Ang Poon Kah
    TC submission to get university title.
    TC submission for 'this'/money government.
    Syncast for Mystery of the Nile
    Imagine entertainment for the Da Vinci Code.
    Zakkers film director.
    ...more info
  • What can I say
    What can I possibly say that hasn't already been said. Great movie that open my eyes to just how great it could be to fulfill fantasies and the consequences that not saying how you feel can have. Granted when I first was the movie I was a 17 year old college freshman and still very virginal. The music for the movie was just as good as the movie. A must own for anyone who likes Mickey....more info
  • Kim Basinger makes this worth seeing
    What one realizes while watching this is how limited and ultimately unsatisfactory is a relationship based purely on sex.

    I imagine that the familiar dominance/submissive psychology at the heart of this visually stunning movie--and it really is beautifully shot--comes from the novel by Elizabeth MacNeil. I say that, not having read the novel, because the seduction of Manhattan art dealer Elizabeth (Kim Basinger) by the smooth and supremely confident financier John (Mickey Rourke) is so very well done with the expensive presents, the well-timed flower deliveries, little endearments, etc., that it amounts to a woman's fantasy. The partial debasement of Elizabeth and her eventual triumph over her darker instincts and her realization that there is a difference between love and submission is also something that one might expect to find in a woman's point-of-view novel.

    However when we get to the actual sexuality and how it is acted out, it is unclear who dreamed up the scenes, MacNeil or director Adrian Lyne or the scriptwriters. I say this because the scenes were so predictable and so ordinary, and when not ordinary and predictable, were bordering on the just plain dumb. Making love in the rain, at the top of a tall building (inside the clock tower), blindfolding the woman, making her crawl, feeding her strawberries, etc., bring nothing new to eroticism. And the scene requiring some imagination--[...]--was not realistically done. Why directors insist on allowing a man holding onto the hand of woman to outrun the men chasing them never ceases to amaze me. And then to have Elizabeth and John stop in the middle of the street to allow the bashers they have outrun to catch up was just plain stupid, not to mention the phony fight that followed.

    Not only were the sexual scenes predictable but clearly Lyne was in harness (and I am glad of that) since he stops well short of what might happen if this sort of theme were fully played out.

    Putting all that aside what makes this movie worth seeing is Kim Basinger. She is absolutely stunning, and it is clear that Lyne and his camera adored her. More than that Basinger does a fine job of acting in a demanding role. I was impressed. Before seeing this film I thought she was a rather ordinary actress, but her ability to combine grown-up New York chic with little-girl vulnerability and to make absolutely clear the psychological dilemma her character's heart faced really held the movie together.

    Lyne's insistence on whispered dialogue difficult to hear was consistent with the theme of the movie but not kind to these ears. But that was okay because much of the dialogue was secondary to the visual exploration of the woman's sexuality. The peek-a-boo and off center and shadowed shots of Basinger's face and her silhouette, and the studied smile from Rourke combined with the stark black and whites of their clothes and the furnishings served to highlight and emphasis the flesh tones of Basinger's skin while lending an appropriate artistic and fashionable atmosphere to the movie, which after all has an art dealer at its center. The many scenes that were began and suggested, and then cut away from, allowed a richer texture of experience for the viewer than would have been possible had the scenes been played out. And that was doubly good because again it is the visuals that make this movie worth seeing, not the originality of the story and its development.

    To those viewers who thought that this was some sort of high class pornography, I can only say you missed the point entirely, and indeed, you may be projecting your own sorry mentality.

    See this for Kim Basinger whose sensitive and robust beauty dominated the screen....more info

  • Every Woman's Fantasy Man
    This man knows exactly what every woman wants, probably because Adrian Lyne directed it. Great Job! I was exhausted after watching it. ...more info
  • Sick, big-budget porn movie
    This movie is disturbing, offensive, indecent and just plain nauseating. Who is this sick, depressing little piece of trash targeted to? You guessed it, the ... Europeans who indulge in every form of ... imaginable, slobber over XXX-rated movies dealing with sick subjects, and voluntarily make their little children watch it with parents like a "family night". Fortunately, we Americans don't need to be forced to watch this garbage. Send it back where it belongs!...more info
  • Here Is Mickey. Here Is Kim. Mickey And Kim Have Sex(Yawn)
    This movie is awful. It shows in graphic detail the sexual exploits of Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke as if we could care less. No doubt this movie will have a great deal of appeal for 17 year old young men who are as yet not of Legal Age to hire an XXX rated movie at the Video Store. I give this movie 5 stars because thankfully Ms. Basinger has disappeared from the screen in recent years....more info
  • Yowtch!
    Director Adrian Lyne's got a thing for weird relationships. 9 ? Weeks with Mickey Rourke as a Wall Street exec with a thing for Elizabeth, an art gallery owner (Kim Bassinger). They enter into a quirky and sort of porno relationship which is predicated on a light dominant/submissive message. Apparently the European version of this film was much hotter and way more explicit. The relationship, at the outset, is limited to just over 2 months, but by the time it ends, viewers are caught up in the smutty drama and quite willing for it to go on longer. Rourke plays this kind of slightly dangerous but charming bad-boy role so well that one wonders if he's even really acting. Basinger is terrific, especially in the You Can Keep Your Hat On song and dance number.
    It's a good one....more info
  • erotic and artful
    Loved this movie. A classic erotic film, its scenes of seduction and passion are the epitomy of scorching sex, that lustful and enticing relationship everyone fantasizes about. See it......more info
  • Great movie
    While not having seen the first 4 or 5 minutes of this movie, it is quite a piece of artwork. Yes, most people recognize this movie for its complete roll on of sex scenes, and well, they are mighty fine. But the theatrical work of this movie is something else. I don't quite know what it is. There is something about the relationship between the two lovers that just make this movie a charm. I would recommend this movie to just about anybody that wants to see a mature, and sophisticated movie that can handle the drama....more info
  • Mickey & Kim are Hot & Steamy

    This was far better than Wild Orchid, but along the same line. Done in better taste but still had no real story line. This was a very popular movie in the day. Years later...I can only say it was popular for it's light "erotica" scenes. But...it's probably still a "classic" for it's day....more info
  • Then and now, The best movie after movies.
    Mickey Rourke in my humble opinion has always been ahead of times, the Actor who displayed his talent in 1986 and rocking the industry ever since like todays 2005 Sin City and many more films coming up.
    This film was simply a great movie, Kim is amazing and the director had done his homework keeping this movie on point with such mystery and endless topics one can talk about.
    Amazon.com delievers fast and I gotta tell ya, this is the ultimate film among many of his work!...more info
  • Let's Not Kid Ourselves

    This is high-gloss soft-porn; a boring soap opera concentrating on one thing: sex. They actually made sex boring, sad to say, because I defy you to watch this casually and tell me what the storyline was.

    What this is, is an excuse for Kim Bassinger to show off her great body and for Mickey Rourke to smirk a lot. That's it. Rourke's smugness is so bad it's sickening and Bassinger, despite the great figure, looks cheap more than beautiful.

    Kudos to the photographer for some nice closeup shots and some wonderful color, but the story is so weak - no character development and no plot - it's unable to compensate. Let's face it: this movie was made for only reason - to titillate male viewers. On that level, it probably succeeded.

    Those trying to pass this off as "arty" and something deeper than soft porn are only fooling themselves....more info
  • 9 1/2 weeks
    Almost a hundred of 9 1/2 weeks have passed since this movie has become my favorite of all. It still is.
    It's 9 and a half weeks that John's relationship lasts with the most attractive Elizabeth. It's 9 and a half weeks of a true love experience Elizabeth and John have but it's Elizabeth who feels that true love as for John and his show off Wall Street man personality all this seems to be a true game. He plays up with Elizabeth's feelings up to the moment when he loses her forever and sadly it is then that John realises how much he really loved her too.

    It's definitely not a porn movie, and if it includes erotic scenes so what? Don't we all make love that way when we are in love as badly as John and Elizabeth are? But people as people they always tend to see bad things before the good ones and in this movie there is not one single bad thing (it's just people have to say something different from others) excluding John's silly games with the love of his life.

    Absolutely a must have movie....more info

  • Skip it and rent a porno
    I expected to be pretty turned on after watching this movie, but I was apalled. This movie played on every male-female stereotype. Women are weak minded, men are sex-obsessed, not to mention rape and subordination of women are glamorized and glossed over in an acceptably sick and Hollywood kind of way. Next time I'll just cut to the chase and rent a quality porno instead of subjecting myself to that kind of [stuff]....more info



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